Logitech MK100 Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black)

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Most people find work cumbersome and difficult because they are not able to adapt to the work environment or tools they have to use. Computers and their peripherals have become significant in everything we do as they are being used for business transactions, designing, editing, making music and medical applications to name a few. Having the proper hardware reduces stress on the employee while enabling him to achieve or exceed his targets. Logitech is a leading computer peripheral manufacturer that makes durable and innovative products.

The Logitech MK100 PS2 Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a perfect team that complements each other, both in build quality and style. The Keyboard in the MK100 wired combo needs an available PS2 port on the computer to connect. The Mouse can be connected to either a USB port or the PS2 port. This feature provides you total flexibility in terms of connectivity when you want to use the MK100 keyboard and mouse combo on another computer system.

Style and Portability

The Logitech MK100 PS2 Keyboard is a compact keyboard designed to save valuable space on your desktop so that you have enough space for the mouse and paperwork. Though compact, the keyboard features full sized keys that are easy to use thereby reducing errors. Logitech prioritized the functionality of the MK100 Keyboard to its appearance and has not wasted any space with unnecessary body extensions. The body of the MK100 keyboard is moulded around the space bar and the direction keys at the bottom.

The Number Pad is located on the extreme right of the keyboard while the Print Screen, Scroll Lock and Pause keys are located above it. The standard Windows Keys are located on either side of the space bar. The indicator lights for the Caps Lock, Scroll Lock and Num Lock are placed after the row of Function Keys on the top. The thin profile of the MK100 Keyboard makes it easy to transport and store if the need arises. The thin profile also helps by allowing your wrists to rest in a neutral position that reduces strain when working long hours. The Logitech MK100 PS2 Keyboard and Mouse combo works on computers that run on Windows XP, 7, Vista and some earlier versions.

The Logitech MK100 PS2 Keyboard is designed to be spill-resistant which means the keyboard is easy to clean even if you spill water or coffee on the keyboard. All you have to do is tilt the keyboard to let all the liquid flow out through a corner and then wipe dry with some tissue paper. This feature also ensures that dust and other dirt particles that fall in between the keys can be cleaned easily. The Mouse of the MK100 combo is a full sized device designed to fit comfortably in the hand while providing precision movement on screen. You can plug the mouse into a PS2 port if you need to free up a USB port.

General Brand - Logitech ; Model Name - Mk 100 model ; Color - Black
Warranty Warranty, Parts: 3 Years Limited ; Warranty Details: 3 years manufacturer warranty from date of purchase

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